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Rio is one of the leading and most exciting innovators in beauty and personal care. Pioneering the beauty gadget category, Rio fuses beauty know how with salon technology to deliver innovative treatments in the home.

The latest Rio range brochures can be downloaded here:

Rio Main Product Brochure 2019 (9.7mb lo-res)

Rio Diffuser Brochure 2019 (10.5mb)

Bodi-Tek specialises in bringing innovative health, fitness and wellbeing solutions in to the home.

The latest Bodi-Tek range brochure can be downloaded here:

Bodi-Tek Product Brochure 2018 (3.6mb lo-res)

HOVER-X - The HOVER-X range of hoverboards benefit from The Dezac Group's considerable engineering expertise, electrical knowledge and quality control processes to deliver high-performance, electrically-safe and fully compliant hoverboards.

AeroPilates is a lifestyle and body conditioning regimen derived from the original, authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. The AeroPilates method not only incorporates all his original strength training and stabilization movements, but has integrated an additional revolutionary vertical trampoline which provides low impact cardiovascular training to help improve heart health and accelerate weight loss. Uniquely an AeroPilates reformer now offers a direct route to complete body health and function. AeroPilates represents a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, improves and changes the body's postural and alignment habits, while increasing flexibility, strength, endurance and ease of movement. Uniquely an AeroPilates reformer now offers a direct route to complete body health and function.



The Salon Essentials range of beauty treatments and devices is available exclusively to the home shopping DRTV market.